Theatre Rental


The 500-seat Diana Wortham Theatre is available for rent by organizations and individuals for the presentation of performances, lectures, and meetings.

Priority in scheduling is given to:

  1. Local arts groups who use the theatre on an annual basis
  2. The theatre's own Mainstage Series
  3. New/casual users

For technical specifications and information on the theatre, click here.

Click here for a printable version of our Rental Guidelines and Policies.

Click here for information regarding renting the Main Lobby facilities at Diana Wortham Theatre.


There are three basic costs incurred in using the Diana Wortham Theatre: Rent, Labor, and Box Office Fees (for ticketed events).

Theatre Rental Rates

(effective July 1, 2016)


  • Non-Profit Rate - $750.00 for first performance/event in a day
  • For-Profit Rate - $900.00 for first performance/event in a day
  • Non-Profit Rate - $500.00 for the second performance in same day
  • For-Profit Rate - $650.00 for the second performance in same day

(Based on performance time, from house open to end, of less than 4 hours)


Non-Profit Rate - $450.00

For-Profit Rate - $600.00

Daily Rental:

$1,750.00 for all-day conferences, and/or a 12 hour period, $200/hr. thereafter

Piano Rental:

Hamburg Steinway, Model B
$150.00 per event plus cost of tuning
Please note: Tuning of piano will be performed by DWT's Piano Tech only

Labor Rates (see labor policies below)


  • Technical Director: $27/hr for first 8 hours in a day, $40.50/hr thereafter (Four hour TD prep time charged to all rental events)      
  • Technical Staff: $18/hr for first 8 hours in a day, $27/hr thereafter
  • Sound Engineer: $200 to $250
  • Follow Spot & Operator: $22/hr of use
  • Minimum Call is 4 hours

Front of House

  • House Manager: $13/hr
  • Event Manager: $15/hr
  • Ushers: $12/hr, or minimum of 8 volunteer ushers provided by renter
  • Minimum Call is 4 hours

Overtime rate of time and a half applies for all hours over 8 in one day and/or hours worked before 7am or after 12 midnight.

Box Office Rates

(effective June 12, 2015)

  • Set up fee: $75 per ticketed performance or event
  • $0.65 per ticket sold for box office services, plus $1.00 Facility Fee (see below)
  • $0.15 per complimentary ticket issued
  • $1.50 per consignment ticket issued for off-site sales, with a rebate of $0.75 per ticket returned within one week following the event.
  • For requests to be filled, a minimum of 48 hours must be given for Complimentary tickets and/or consignment tickets.
  • Credit Card Fees 3.8% for all sales to MasterCard , Visa, and American Express; 3.0% for on-line sales.
  • Processing fee of $4.50 charged to customer for phone orders and $5.50 for mail orders.
  • Per ticket and per order processing fees are charged to customer for all on-line ticket sales.
  • The capacity for on-line ticket sales through the theatre's website available at no additional charge to renter.

Facility Fee

To support the maintenance and repairs to the theatre, effective July 28, 2014, a $1.00/ticket surcharge is assessed and collected on all tickets sold, through the box office or at off-site locations, with a price of $15.00 or greater. A $.50/ticket surcharge is assessed and collected for tickets with a price of $10.00 to $14.99. This surcharge is placed in a restricted fund for maintenance and repairs and does not support the operation budget of the theatre. Renters should take this into account when setting ticket prices, which should include this surcharge. For non-ticketed events the facility fee is $100.00.

***Above rates are currently under review and may be changing***

DWT_from-box_web.jpgRental Procedures

Before contacting the Diana Wortham Theatre, please read all policies below with respect to Labor and Box Office practices and policies. Also recognize that the theatre is busy year-round and weekend dates are hard to come by. Please have as many possible dates in mind prior to contacting the theatre.

The preferred method of contacting the theatre for possible rentals is via email at In your email please provide the following information.

  • Your name/organization
  • Nature of event, i.e. performance, lecture, meeting, etc.
  • Preferred date(s)
  • Number of days needed in the theatre prior to the performance, i.e for tech and rehearsals.
  • Any special needs, i.e. special lighting, sound, piano etc.
  • Contact information: please provide a name and phone number and best time to reach you.

You will receive either an email response or a follow up phone call as soon as possible. If a date is secured, the renter will be sent a contract.

Labor Policies

The theatre's Technical Director, or representative, must be present at all times the theatre is in use by the renter, including the delivery of material. The TD's billable hours begin each day one half hour before the theatre is opened for the renter and end one half hour after the last person has left the event and the theatre is empty and secured. The renter is also responsible for the TD's time required to prepare the theatre for the renter's event.

The Diana Wortham Theatre is a non-union house, but does utilize its own skilled Technical Crew, the cost of which is paid by the renter at the applicable rates. The number of technicians required varies by the event being presented. The Technical Director, in consultation with the renter or based on the event's Technical Rider, will determine the size of the Crew required. The renter may be able to provide volunteers or its own crew for jobs which do not involve operating the theatre's equipment, at the sole discretion of the Technical Director.

A House Manager is required for all public events. Hours begin one and a half hour prior to the start of the event and conclude one half hour after the event has ended. A DWT Event Manager is required anytime the theatre is open to the public.

Ushers can be provided by the renter in order to reduce expenses. Ushers must be a minimum of 18 years of age and must arrive at the theatre one hour prior to the event to receive safety instructions from the House Manager, must remain for the entire event and sit in specified seats. It is recommended that ushers dress as uniformly as possible for easy identification - white tops and black bottoms are suggested.

Box Office Policies

If tickets are sold to the event, the renter must use Diana Wortham Theatre's ticketing services. Off-site sales can be made by the renter, but must utilize tickets provided by Diana Wortham Theatre. The box office is open Monday (phone orders only) - Friday 10am - 4pm, Saturday 12pm - 4pm, Closed Sundays, and one hour prior to the beginning of a ticketed event. The box office can handle walk-ins, phone orders and mail orders. Cash, checks, MasterCard, Visa and American Express are accepted. On-line sales of tickets are available on a 24/7 basis as part of the basic service.

Marketing Policy

While we are not able to market your event for you, DWT provides several tools to assist you with your promotional efforts.

Marketing Opportunities Provided:

  • All events are listed on our website free of charge.
  • Marketing Package: Includes a designed web banner and a marquee posting on our electronic marquee located on our street front at a fee of $125. Individual pricing is $75 each. Web banners are added 2 to 4 weeks prior to event on the DWT home page under Upcoming Events. 
  • We include upcoming rental events in all of our e-news blasts which goes out to approximately 10,000 people.
  • Provide list of Web Calendars
  • Media Contact List upon request

Not Provided:

  • We cannot send individual or dedicated e-news blasts, or mailings.
  • We cannot share DWT customer lists.


Fees for Rent, Labor and Box Office services are deducted from the renter's ticket sales proceeds as the method of payment. Renters receive an itemized statement of these charges plus a detailed report on all sales through the box office and may also request a list of the names and addresses of customers who purchased tickets in advance for the renter's event.

Rental Feedback

"As always, the entire experience of producing this show at Diana Wortham Theatre was a true pleasure. The staff's correspondence, communication and on-hand work is always delivered with tremendous respect and kindness." -Barrie Barton, Artist Director, Community Choreography Projects

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