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Say YES to a child's dreams.

Children who learn through the arts develop self-confidence, creative problem solving skills, a broader understanding of the world around them, and empathy for others. At Diana Wortham Theatre, we believe all children should have the opportunity to learn through the arts, regardless of their economic status.

YES to field trips.

Children from many families cannot afford the cost of a live performance. Unfortunately, school funding for outside activities is increasingly limited. Teachers must often ask students to bring money from home, and many children in low income situations grow up without ever experiencing the magic of learning from a live performance.

"For some of our students, it will be their first exposure to live theatre. We use the experience to spark their interest in reading and bring back a broader perspective to the classroom."
-First grade teaching team, Vance Elementary School

For just $10, you can make a dream come true for a child who wants to go on a field trip with their class. For only $250, you can create magic by sending an entire classroom of children to the theatre.

YES to artists in schools.


Magic happens in the classroom, too! Diana Wortham Theatre sends nationally recognized artists into the classroom to extend the field trip experience through professional workshops. Students learn more about the artists and the subject matter, and even test their wings as a performer. This wide exposure deepens learning, provides students with positive role models, and expands the arts experience beyond the walls of the theatre.

YES to emerging artists.

Dreams are not limited to young children. By supporting the Emerging Artists Fund, you provide scholarships for talented high school seniors to further their professional studies and realize their dream of a career in the performing arts.
Learn more about the Emerging Artists Fund.

"This scholarship is wonderful because I wouldn't be able to afford tuition. [It's a] stepping stone towards college, and I'll be a first generation college grad!"
-Michelle Padron, 2016 Scholarship Recipient

Help students dream big. Make a donation to the Y.E.S. Fund today.


Donate your art, item or service to the 2018 Y.E.S. Fund Raffle


The 2017/2018 Y.E.S. Fund Application for your class/school will be available in August 2017.

Click here for information on the Matinee Series for Students and Families.


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